Over the last 8 years, Rachid Fakhre developed somewhat of a cult status as one half of musical duo Spang Sisters.

In May 2023, he kicked off his career as Skydaddy, supporting sold out shows with Black Country, New Road on tour with no music out. Soon after, he released his first single ‘That Morning’. This would eventually be part of his debut E.P. Pilot, self-released in February 2024 to critical acclaim. Its themes deal with creative disillusionment, rebirth and a rediscovery Fakhre’s Lebanese heritage. ‘Tear Gas’ is a collaboration with Tyler Cryde of BC, NR.

A prolific producer, Fakhre has collaborative releases on the horizon with the likes of rapper Jianbo and pier Ethan P Flynn.

Outside of his own musical endeavours, Fakhre is a central figure in the London art-rock scene and plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community. He hosts a regular night around London called Works in Progress, in which he brings together a mixed bag of some of the most prestigious songwriters in the London scene to share with a very intimate audience their newest developments. The night has seen the likes of Drug Store Romeos, Jockstrap, Ethan P. Flynn, BCNR, Ugly, Blue Bendy, KEG and many more take to the stage. Moreover, he explores historical musical narratives through his vividly considered DJ sets he plays monthly on Balamii Radio and at Brilliant Corners.